Arlene Rosenthal was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and got a B.A. in Spanish at U.C.L.A. After graduating in 1966 she worked for the Probation Department as a counselor and then as a bilingual teacher in the L.A. District. The lure of Berkeley and all the social change happening there was too great so she picked up and left L.A. for life in the Bay Area. She spent several years there teaching school and enjoying all the political fervor, the S.F. Opera House, the Symphony, theater, and all the natural outdoors where one could hike and commune with nature.

She came to the desert in 1973 where she worked as a bilingual teacher until starting her own custom-clothing business. Her spirit of community, something learned as a child, stuck and she found herself involved in social change and working in organizations where she could be a voice for those who were unable to advocate for themselves. As a child, her parents taught her the value of community action and interaction and the idea that we all had an obligation to help make things better in the world in which we lived.

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Arlene Rosenthal

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